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When your body is calm, nourished, & balanced, it has a better chance of nurturing new life.

When you are faced with fertility issues, it can affect your body and mind in profound ways. The worry,  isolation and desperation you can sometimes experience leads to increased stress-levels which can negatively impact chances of conceiving.

At MARA Clinic, we empower women to take back control of their lives and futures by using acupuncture for fertility and tools to help you make informed lifestyle changes to areas that influence fertility such as, diet, sleep, exercise, and stress-management.

Through targeted fertility acupuncture treatments, we increase blood flow to the uterus, regulate reproductive hormones, and reduce your stress by calming the nervous system. Our fertility- boosting methods allow the body to heal itself and create a relaxed, welcoming environment for pregnancy to take place.

How Linda & MARA Fertility Acupuncture Clinic Can Help

We offer a supportive, welcoming and understanding environment for you to share your worries, past, experiences, and hopes for the future. This information helps to customise a treatment plan that’s unique to your body and lifestyle, and complements any other medical treatments.

Improve Fertility

We equip you with the information and treatment you need to take charge of your fertility and awaken, amplify, and nourish everything that contributes to achieving conception.

Alleviate Stress

Add a little zen in your life. A combination of acupuncture and lifestyle changes will release endorphins, and create welcoming conditions for life to grow.

Heal from Within

Your body has incredible healing powers, and with our help, you can trigger powerful responses from within to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Helping you take control and set up the conditions that make pregnancy happen.

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Ciara M. Power

“Linda is so professional and makes you feel totally at ease. Went to her initially when trying to conceive and fell pregnant within 6 weeks. Then went back in my 3rd trimester to help me feel… Read More

Maria F.

Linda is so accommodating, compassionate and kind. She has been an invaluable support to me on my ivf journey and I would highly recommend her… Read more

Hana H.

Linda is a gem of a person. She helped me not only recover from a miscarriage and feel my body was more in balance. But now she’s helping managing… Read more

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Hi, my name is Linda Ryan.

I am a natural fertility specialist for women who are stressed & frustrated trying to get pregnant & it’s-just-not-happening, left feeling their life has been derailed, not sure where to turn or what steps to take next. I help you get back on track & moving in the right direction with fertility acupuncture & actionable step by step programs, guides, diets, stress reboots & so much more for total health transformation, we’re talking a life upgrade: reset, reboot, refresh, I had my own struggles that led me to research solutions & then organically become a specialist after my struggles & mastered my step by step solution pathways. I now have 3 fantastic children and I am happy to say, I am honoured to be able to help other women in a way that feeds my soul and my spirit.