Acupuncture-Invest in yourself

Acupuncture treatments now covered by health insurance- check your plan

Acupuncture Appointment Fees: Your investment

65 euro per appointment and we give you receipts to submit to your insurance for reimbursement

Fertility & IVF Acupuncture Appointments

Service Fee Description
Women's Fertility Acupuncture treatment €65 includes for FREE The 3 Day Cleanse Starter Diet & The Abundance Mindset 7 Day Reset Guide
Acupuncture Pre & Post Embryo Transfer €65 for one session or 120euro for 2 sessions performed on the same day, includes for FREE The Abundance Mindset 7 Day Reset Guide
Women's IVF & ART Acupuncture treatment €65 for IVF preparation and during IVF cycles, includes for FREE The preparation for IVF 3 Day Cleanse Diet* & The Abundance Mindset 7 Day Reset Guide. *the IVF preparation diet is not to be done during any IVF cycles or assisted cycles (ART cycles). Always consult your doctor before starting any diet.
Male Fertility Acupuncture treatment €65 per session

Pregnancy Acupuncture Appointments

Service Fee Description
Breech baby Acupuncture €65 includes for FREE the Moxa sticks for you to use at home
Labour Induction Acupuncture €65 includes for FREE the Acupressure Labour Induction Guide
Nausea / Morning Sickness Acupuncture €65 Includes for FREE the Managing Morning Sickness & Nausea Guide
Acupuncture for Pregnancy issues €65 per session

Menopause Acupuncture Appointments

Service Fee Description
Acupuncture treatment €65 includes for FREE The 3 Day Cleanse Starter Diet

Acupuncture Appointments for Stress

Service Fee Description
Acupuncture treatment €65 includes for FREE The 3 Day Cleanse Starter Diet & The Abundance Mindset 7 Day Reset Guide

You can upgrade your fertility and balance your hormones by delving into Path to Pregnancy Lifestyle Programs that:

Optimise your diet

Sleep for balanced hormones

Exercise to rejunivate

Reduce stress

Detox your Environment

Reduce hormones disruptors

The Acupuncture Path to Pregnancy

The secret is that the pathway is not just in a straight line, it actually goes in a circle that surrounds everything in your life and brings it all together. Everything has an effect on every other thing, either supporting or not, creating your total fertility health potential.

Acupuncture ties everything together by optimising all the areas of your lifestyle: Diet, Stress, Exercise, Sleep, Environmental hormone disruptors. Acupuncture takes you to the next level. A better you.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture involves stimulating hormonal and chemical responses, such as endorphins, by influencing the flow of energy as it runs through the body. Life is made up of matter and energy. All living organisms are made from matter. Energy is defined as the capacity to do work. We require this capacity of movement to perform essential life functions such as growth and reproduction.

By using extremely thin needles, acupuncture directs the currents of energy present within the body to upgrade your levels of functioning & movement.

This is how acupuncture can improve blood flow to areas like the uterus, ovaries, and optimise your reproductive hormonal functioning & even help you create your hormones. Timing is everything and this improved blood flow helps build your womb lining and gets your blood circulating to get:

It’s a delicate balance.

Acupuncture also releases women of the stress and tension held in their body, to improve well-being and calm down the nervous system, creating a welcoming environment for pregnancy to take place. It helps reset your dial, reboot your system and create a calming zen flow.

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Hi, my name is Linda Ryan.

I am a natural fertility specialist for women who are stressed & frustrated trying to get pregnant & it’s-just-not-happening, left feeling their life has been derailed, not sure where to turn or what steps to take next. I help you get back on track & moving in the right direction with fertility acupuncture & actionable step by step programs, guides, diets, stress reboots & so much more for total health transformation, we’re talking a life upgrade: reset, reboot, refresh, I had my own struggles that led me to research solutions & then organically become a specialist after my struggles & mastered my step by step solution pathways. I now have 3 fantastic children and I am happy to say, I am honoured to be able to help other women in a way that feeds my soul and my spirit.